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Orders | Contact

Special orders needed the following day must be placed via phone by 7 PM the day before pick-up. Online ordering is only for orderings needed more than 48 hours in advance from submission of inquiry.
(Orders are only confirmed if we've responded with an e-mail or phone call)

Pre-order minimums:
1 Dozen Mid-Size or Full-Size Cupcakes
2 Dozen Minis 

For cupcake singles or assortments, visit our store to choose from over ten flavors of traditional full-size and mini cupcakes as well as a selection of four full-size GF options, all baked fresh that morning.

Fill in the form below to get started. Need help? Call us: 512.335.7746

Cupprimo Order FormPlease note a confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours. Orders needing attention ASAP should be called into the store, 512-335-7746!
Dietary Requirements
Cupcake Size
Quiche Size
Quiche Options

Thanks for choosing Cupprimo! Please note a confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours. Orders needing attention ASAP should be called into the store, 512-335-7746!

Pricing :

Single Full-Size Cupcakes      3.50 (Gluten-Free 4)
Half Dozen Full Size               21
Dozen Full Size                       37    (Gluten-Free 43 | Vegan 43 | Both 46)

Single Mini Size Cupcake       1.25
Half Dozen Mini Size              7 
Dozen Mini Size                      13 (Gluten-Free 14 | Vegan 14 | Both 15.5)
Party Platter                           65 (Vegan and/or GF? Ask For Pricing)

Full-Size Quiche                     21 
Dozen Mini-Quiche                 37 
Box of Coffee                          21

GLUTEN-FREE cupcakes come in almost every flavor!

     -- CupPrimo is pleased to offer gluten-free cupcakes to our customers.  However, we are NOT a certified gluten-free bakery and cannot ensure cross contamination will never occur.  We have processes in order to minimize that from happening, but please be aware of the potential risk. --

VEGAN cupcakes are available by pre-order only! 

Primo Vanilla | Double Chocolate | Strawberry | Red Velvet
Blue Velvet | Black and White | Chocolate Peanut Butter

Party Platters 

5 1/2**  Dozen Mini Cupcakes for only $65!

party plater chocolate.jpg

  We are happy to accept pre-orders for flavors you love from the past!

Strawberry Cheesecake | Neapolitan  Brownie | "Boozy" Pina Colada | Lemon Raspberry | Coconut Cream| Rocky Road | Margarita |Cherry Limeade | Lemon Poppyseed | Birthday Cake
Pink Lemonade | Oreo | Lemon Meringue| Key Lime Pie | Orange Dreamsicle
+ Many More
** Party platters contain approximately 5.5 dozen (66) mini cupcakes and may contain slightly more or less minis than 5.5 dozen cupcakes. 
Pricing is not applicable for gluten free or vegan platters **

21+ Party?
Bachelor | Bachelorette | Wedding | Birthday 
We can make nearly any pre-order "boozy"  with your choice of liquor. 

pineapple no background.png
margarita no background.png

... Corporate Events | Meetings | Sporting Events ...

We Also Offer Boxed Coffee and Quiche
--A Perfect Addition for Any Morning Meeting or Party--
1 Dozen "Mini" Quiches $37 | Full-Size Quiche $21 | Boxed Coffee $21
Note: 1 Dozen Mini Quiche Pre-Order Minimum