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A Sweet Hello

Isn’t life funny?

Three years ago, I wrote y’all A letter called “A Sweet Goodbye”. I needed to have a fresh start, new beginning & a life with less cupcakes. I felt stuck even overwhelmed. Sales were at an all-time high and yet….

I decided to sell Cupprimo.

It was fantastic, I fell in love and got married, got schooled by my puppy Hazel Grace, loved my 5 kids fulltime and started a sprinkle company.

And yet…..

I missed my cupcake community and the tiny perfect Blue Velvet cupcakes. I missed a delicious Mocha and icing in my hair. I missed the thrill of ever-increasing revenue each year. I missed almost everything, except the 5am wake up call. Which is required if you bake fresh each day.

One day, my love Brad & I came to Cupprimo to grab some coffee and back in the car I said to him “ I have a thought.” Mind you, to him this meant I am going to suggest Mimosa’s or a trip to the Farmer’s Market.

The words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them.

We should buy Cupprimo.”

He looked at me for a bit and said “Ok, let’s do it!” And then we told the kids. They all jumped on board and all 5 can currently be seen working at Cupprimo and loving it.

In the 3-year gap, I learned so much. I am now a much better CEO and so excited about Cupprimo and my ask is for you to be excited along with us and to be a #superfan.

We jumped in and have flipped my old model to a sweeter & better version. Look what we have done in just 3 months.

We are most excited about our Cupprimo storefront expansion. We have leased the suite next to the original store and more than doubled our front and back space. It is so gratifying to see all the tables full and people doing life together over cupcakes and coffee. We have also increased our seating outside and have purchased a brand spanking new display case.

If you want to partner in our success here are some fun facts to keep in mind

• We are open every day including Sundays

• We are now offering Nitro Cold Brew coffee

• We now offer 6” custom cakes for parties and events

• We have an expanded Gluten Free selection baked daily

• We have a new display case that allows us to offer more flavors

• We have tripled our indoor seating area

• You can find us on Tik Tok now, along with Instagram and Facebook

• We will soon be offering our own line of sprinkles called Cupprimo Sprinkles

As always, thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing you soon. I’ll be the one with flour on my shorts and icing in my hair.



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