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Special orders needed the following day must be placed via phone by 7 PM the day before pick-up. Online ordering is only for orders needed more than 48 hours in advance from submission of inquiry.
(Orders are only confirmed if we've responded via
 e-mail or phone call)

Pre-order minimums:
No minimums on daily flavors
1 Doz Full-Size for off-day flavors
2 Doz Minis for off-day flavors

For cupcake singles or assortments, visit our store to choose from over ten flavors of traditional full-size and mini cupcakes as well as a selection of full-size GF options, all baked fresh that morning.


Got questions? Visit our FAQ's!

Fill in the form below to get started or just give us a call: 512.335.7746


If you are ready to order select "Ready To Order"

Have a weird request or need more info?
Send us an "Email Inquiry"



GLUTEN-FREE cupcakes come in almost every flavor!

Cupprimo is pleased to offer gluten-free cupcakes to our customers.  However, we are NOT a certified gluten-free bakery and cannot ensure cross contamination will never occur.  We have processes in order to minimize that from happening, but please be aware of the potential risk. --
Minimum 1 dozen full size or 2 dozen minis for special orders

VEGAN cupcakes are available by pre-order only!

21+ Party?

Bachelor | Bachelorette | Wedding | Birthday


We can make nearly any pre-order "boozy"  with your choice of liquor. 

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